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The Michelson  Interferometer   Обратно  Далее  
This interferometer is a classic device which in due time had played an important part in physics development and till now is of great applied significance. Our device, shown in a picture, has been made at physical faculty TSU. The working arm of it is 260 mm. . Design of the interferometer is very simple and obvious. There is no need to adjust it during years.
All demonstrations run with the white light. System of parallel interference fringes can be displaced as a result of one mirror movement by a micrometer screw. The second mirror, being inclined relative to the horizontal or vertical axis, makes it possible to adjust width and orientation of interference fringes.
We show to our students the shifts of interference fringes around warm object which is located into one of interfering beams. When the fringes are wide enough, the sensitivity of picture is so high, that thermal field of the hand may be registered.
This interferometer is convenient to demonstrate the coherence length. At forward motion of corresponding mirror one can see disappearance of interference pattern first in the white light, then with absorption filter being used, and finally with interference filter.
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