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History of The  Physics  Laboratory (Demoroom)
Nikolai A. Gethekhues, First Rector of Tomsk University, professor

The history of the physics laboratory (demoroom) at the University of Tomsk originates from the very its opening. The first rector (from Sept. 06 of 1888) of the University N.A. Gethekhues, professor in ordinary of physics department together with physical geography and meteorology, was directly engaged in organization and development of the laboratory.

Later the Master of Science from St. Petersburg state University F.Y. Kapustin was appointed the professor of physics subdepartment (from Dec. 16 of 1889). He adopted the physics laboratory which owned at a point on January 1st 1889 445 devices and apparatus (that was within one and a half year after opening the University!).

In 1911 A.P. Pospelov took over the appointment. He was the first dean of physics and mathematics department opened in 1917. By the 25 anniversary of the University he had written an article about the physics laboratory.

Our publication “Historical parallels. Notes about the All-Russian Meeting of physics instructors on June 5 – 9th, 1917” tells about the atmosphere of that time and relations among the lecturing staff.

Traditions of physics teaching were not interrupted even after 1917. The physics laboratory was constantly looked after academician V.D. Kuznetsov and then prof. M.A. Bolshanina. In 1956 B.Sh. Perkal'skis started his work there. According to the inventory list from Aug. 20 of 1958 there were 652 appliances for demonstrations at the laboratory. All in all a gradual and purposeful work on demonstration fond development in the laboratory led to the origin of the unique line of electronic demonstration schemes. Ultra-high-frequency set appliance had been produced and demonstration interferometers of Jamin and Michelson had been issued there.

In 1968 at the University an advanced training faculty was opened for university instructors. During prof. V.P. Fadin being in charge of the faculty an original course of lectures “Methods of lecture demonstrations” was worked out by B.Sh. Perkal'skis. The course was very popular among the physicists of the region. Thereby the physics laboratory broadened and intensified its scientific and methodical work on new demonstrations for physics lectures. The result of this work was summarized in the doctorate thesis by B.Sh. Perkal'skis (defended in 1974), as well as in his articles and monographs. In the following years four theses devoted to performing new lecture demonstrations were defended under his supervision. After his departure the demonstrational base operation continues to be improved and enhanced. 


The last years, demonstrations on self-organization have been developed. The lecture-room is equipped with modern computer facilities and projection technique. 

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